About Us.


During the last four decades of massive development efforts in Bangladesh, there has arisen a dire need for research, consultancy and advisory services for managing the quality of development project covering the whole gamut of socio-economic life of the nation. The growing demand for quality consultancy services pertaining to agriculture and rural development, health, education, infrastructure development, regional and area development, water resources development, hydrological studies, macro and micro economic planning, rural institutions planning, financial and marketing management as well as human resources and institutions development studies and policy research has widened the horizon of professional consulting service sector of the country. A call for such national services initiated the emergence of the Konika Consulting Services Pvt. Limited (KCSPL). We have proven experience in successful management and implementation of over 200+ projects.

Our Mission:

To be the top management consultancy service provider realizing client’s true demand, value and compliances, utilizing highest project management standard and deploying best manpower with high standard of ethics, quality and professional integrity.

Our Vision:

To be a center of excellence in providing customized advisory, consulting and research services at home and abroad.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

KCSPL strongly believes in the values of CSR. CSR is an integral part of our core company policies, which guides the way we operate our businesses both locally and internationally. We believe that one way we could touch the community where we live is by getting involved in charitable contributions. Over the years, KCSPL has provided cash or in-kind donations, clothing and equipment supporting to victim families from the impact of floods, cyclones and other natural calamities in Bangladesh. Through our CSR practices, we are promoting responsible business practices and supporting the sustainable growth and development targets of our people and communities. On a business level, KCSPL aims, where possible, to develop local capacity in the country with a view to developing expertise locally. We provide equal opportunities to women in case of employment, because we trust that women, with their dedication, commitment, and intellectual expertise, can add great value to the company. In line with our policy of being open, transparent and accountable for our businesses, we practice high standards of business ethics in every stage of project acquisition and management. KCSPL stands strongly against the concept of undue activity in business dealings. This practice has enabled KCSPL to achieve a unique brand image among its clients.


An entity with multidisciplinary focus, KCSPL delivers a wide spectrum of cross-cutting expertise across a number of sectors, including Agriculture, Health, Education, Economic/Financial Management, Infrastructure, ICT, and Social Development. KCSPL uses its specialized knowledge to enable beneficiary groups right from the creation of concept through its completion. Projects at KCSPL primarily focuses on high-growth potential sectors having significant impact on the socio-economic development of countries. Through the expertise developed over the decades, KCSPL enables governments and development partners to strengthen local communities, thereby increasing quality of life and living standards. For these various sectors, KCSPL undertakes, among others, technical studies, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, economic/environmental impact assessments, market studies, policy planning, M&E and capacity building assignments. We have designed communication strategies to ensure that community aspirations are acknowledged and reflected in the work of municipal, departmental and national government levels.

Strengths and Capabilities:

The firm has completed a significant number of projects of different fields. All projects have been or are being carried out either independently or in collaboration with other local and/or international consulting firms. To meet the specific challenging tasks, alliance of various resource consultancy services is sometimes vital. Hence, we also offer our service as an associate to local and/or foreign consulting firms in case of high technology projects. The firm favours international collaboration involving effective technology transfer. The services offered covering all the phases of project cycle, i.e., from identification and definition through feasibility, planning, designing and implementation to management services and training.

Logistics and Facilities:

KCSPL has necessary physical facilities and logistic support to enable it to complete its projects with efficiency and on time and located in a newly constructed building in the heart of Gulshan-1 in Dhaka city. Its office has a floor space of 2000 sq. feet including about 500 sq. feet earmarked for holding technical trainings to project staffs. Additionally, separate project offices are rented as need arises. The firm is equipped with modern office equipment and communication facilities including computers, laptops, multimedia projectors, broadband and WI-FI internet facilities, telephones, photocopiers, vehicles etc. It has a project-related reference library, a data bank, and a reprographic unit with all needed facilities. It has a fully developed computer unit (with needed hardware and software and well-qualified tutors) for data entry and data analysis. It has necessary facilities for providing management training in a number of fields. It has also a pool of well-trained and experienced field enumerators, supervisors, and survey coordinators to be involved in surveys at a short notice.

Health Sector Development:

Health, Nutrition, Water Supply & Sanitation: We believe that the capacity of health systems to deliver effective care is vital for reducing poverty. We are committed to developing effective, accessible and affordable health care with our skilled and experienced professionals, providing high quality technical services for the health and WASH sector. We are specialists in health systems and management and we are dedicated to find practical solutions to the challenges of health systems, often in difficult environments, to ensure sustainable health care is available for all, especially for the poor. Our services include analysis of health services, including health facilities, feasibility studies, mid-term and final evaluations of regional and national programmes and projects, Support to Ministry of Health for the formulation of public health policies and strategies, their implementation and monitoring / evaluation, development of organization and implementation of action plans against HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) & Right, Maternal and Child health and Hospital waste management, HMIS development.

Social Development:

Communication & Awareness Building Program: Strategic Communication is the key to making a difference in the lives of people in Bangladesh. Strategic Communication, which includes information, education and communication (IEC) for behaviour change and development, makes use of an expanding mass media, new technologies, and creative ideas in communication to influence social behaviour. Strategic Communication is therefore, particularly effective in the arena of health, education, agriculture, democracy and governance and other social development sectors since these are the areas where millions of people need to understand, approve and act accordingly. Our services include building awareness regarding different critical social issues using mass media communication, increasing knowledge and influencing behaviour by providing training, development & design of IEC and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) materials.