We are specialized in qualitative and quantitative research such as Baseline Survey, Demographic and Household Survey, Evaluation, Action Research, Need Assessment Study, Mapping study. KCSPL has a specialist research division. This division forms a core part of the overall business. This division has a team with an experience base of over 38 years. Keeping in mind the need to bring in different perspectives in understanding human behavior, this team has been selected from diverse backgrounds such sociologists, anthropologists, statistics, economists, psychologists, environmentalists, and so on. The division also has its own specialized field structure that handles all aspects of the field operations. No fieldwork is sub-contracted. In addition to our own team of highly experienced and motivated researchers, the research division draws into the expertise of international consultants in the fields of social research and communication. This allows us access to global perspective as well. Social research services of KCSPL also includes Pilot studies, Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors and Practices (KABP) Assessment, Ethnographic Studies, Psycho social and Behavioral Analyses, Communications Research, Concept Testing and/or Mapping, Usage and Attitude studies, Issue-based Exploratory studies, Tracking Research, Coding, Data Entry Services and Survey Tabulation.


Strategic Communication is the key to making a difference in the lives of people in Bangladesh. Strategic Communication, which includes information, education and communication for behavior change and development, makes use of an expanding mass media, new technologies, and creative ideas in communication to influence social behavior. Strategic Communication is therefore, particularly effective in the arena of health, education, agriculture, democracy and governance and other social development sectors since these are the areas where millions of people need to understand, approve and act accordingly. Our services include building awareness regarding different critical social issues using mass communication media, increasing knowledge and influencing behavior by providing training, IEC and BCC materials development.


We believe that the capacity of health systems to deliver effective care is vital for reducing poverty. We are committed to developing effective, accessible and affordable health care with our skilled and experienced professionals, providing high quality technical services for the health and WASH sector. We are specialists in health systems and management and we are dedicated to find practical solutions to the challenges of health systems, often in difficult environments, to ensure sustainable health care is available for all, especially for the poor. Our services include analysis of health services, including health facilities, feasibility studies, mid-term and final evaluations of regional and national programmes and projects, Support to Ministry of Health and MoLGRD&C for the formulation of public health policies and strategies, their implementation and monitoring/evaluation, development of organization and implementation of action plans against HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) & Right, Maternal and Child health and Hospital waste management, HMIS development etc.


We deliver expertise to improve sustainable development for primary industries including agriculture, fisheries, forestry, livestock, food security and rural development. We cover all stages of the project cycle, from planning and implementation to monitoring and evaluation (including the development of participatory M&E systems). Our focus is to enhance resource utilization for expanding and extending production through matching of invaluable indigenous knowledge and appropriate technology in an environmentally sustainable manner and marketing the products for economic activity in rural areas. Our services includes Agricultural production, processing and Marketing support, diversification of rural economies, M4P service, livelihoods development and poverty reduction, rural entrepreneurship and enterprise development, community development, agriculture fisheries and livestock training and extension, local planning, construction and management of rural infrastructure


We believe that education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and it lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. KCSPL provides technical expertise to the sector, working with individuals, communities, organizations and governments to strengthen capacity and improve delivery of education services to the community. We help to implement educational reforms and programs in a way that is effective and sustainable. KCSPL has demonstrated expertise in addressing the national Primary, Secondary, Adult Literature (Non-Formal Education), and Skill Development and Vocational areas. KCSPL has a pool of qualified and experienced professionals from a variety of public and private sector backgrounds, who have a unique understanding of present and future challenges that are facing the national education sector. Our services includes Curriculum development & Reform, Education Policy and Planning, Capacity development and teacher training, Policy formulation, Study tours and work placements, National education frameworks and standards, Monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation, Access to new technology and information systems.

Financial Management:

The financial sector is the heart of any vital economy, contributing to economic prosperity by providing credit for businesses to work, mobilizing savings, enabling risk management and accelerating commerce by facilitating payments and transfers. We are specialists in assisting in developing the processes and systems for improved financial management outcomes. KCSPL is able to draw on a pool of expertise consisting of highly qualified professionals to respond to financial sector projects and meet the specific needs of the clients. Our services includes Financial Analysis, Marketing & Financial Feasibility Study, Inventory Management, Procurement and Export Plan, BMRE, Assessing, designing and implementing financial MIS to build capacity and strengthen performance, Designing and implementing training programs in all areas of financial management.

Private Sector/SME Development:

Private sector and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) are among the most dynamic drivers of economic growth and modernization, and they are the most important sources of employment and income generation in developing countries and economies in transition. Hence, one of our key tasks is to increase the competitiveness of Private sector and SMEs. In this area, our services includes Technical assistance in promoting entrepreneurship, improving policy and establishing business environments, Entrepreneurship and management training, Skill development and training for Business Service Providers, support for the creation and operation of business support centres, agencies and business incubators, advising Ministries on development of export promotion policies and Market surveys for particular sectors of industry and services

Social Development:

KCSPLā€™s operational emphasis in social development encompasses poverty analysis, social performance measurement, policy analysis, and stakeholder participation. Our multifaceted approach emphasizes on process and outcomes to ensure stakeholder participation and to maximize community benefit.


Micro-finance, micro-credit and institutional capacity building of government and NGOs are vital in poverty reduction. The service includes: design and implementation of micro-finance and micro-credit programs, credit delivery mechanisms, guidelines for credit. The service also includes group formation guideline for NGOs, training, awareness raising, skills development, enterprise development and management of individual livelihood activities etc.


Institutional development includes human resource development and training, automation, training program design and implementation, and improvement of management systems for organizations from the community to the national level.

Other sectors:

drawing from the wealth of resources from our member institutions, Firm has demonstrated considerable success in implementing projects covering topics ranging from energy & gas resource management to transportation planning.